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She looks huggable - she is not!

The word “safari,” in Swahili, means “journey”; it has nothing to do with animals. Someone “on safari” is just away.  Unobtainable and out of touch.

It's incredible what you will see

Out of touch in Africa is sometimes where I want to be. The wish to disappear sends many travelers away. If you are sick of being kept waiting at home or at work, travel is perfect: let other people wait for a change.

Travel in the African bush can also be a sort of revenge on cell phones, emails, Facebook and the Internet. Go into the African bush to simply disappear, in the spirit of discovery.

Not everyone on facebook knows I am really a zebra

That's right, just walk away

Being available in an accessible world can at times be pure horror. People begin to impose deadlines on you, and smartphones means people can reach you anytime. Sometimes you just need to escape.

I know I mentioned that a safari has nothing to do with animals, but growing up, going to the game reserves was (and still is) our journey. Due to the preservation efforts of the parks, Internet connection is non-existent and cell phone signal is almost never higher than one bar (if it exists at all). The beauty is in the escape, the appreciation of majestic animals up close and personal.

Watch out for those thorns!

How I sometimes feel as a sleep deprived college student

I have been right next to a rhino, staring at its horn wondering what would happen to the car if he swung his head around towards me. I love being close enough to an elephant to see its wrinkles. I have been caught on the road between an elephant crossing and was scared a little when a mother elephant charged at the strange metal creature creeping up on her baby. I have seen a leopard lazing in a tree, a lion eating its prey and a giraffe spreading its long legs to catch a drink from the waterhole.

Baby elephant seeking refuge

See - Wrinkles!

What are you looking at?

It is on these trips, with those friends or family that you love, you get to take a breather. When you get back, there will still be deadlines, phone calls, emails and news. Go on, escape. I dare you.

Lionesses Conference


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Travel Spot – Zanzibar

My sister swears she is going to live in Zanzibar one day. She is in love with the idea of fresh fish, markets, spices and food. It got me curious about this small island, so I researched it. I fell in love with it too! This is what I found.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar. The name itself brings to mind exotic images of color, spice and beauty. Known by the locals as Unguka (meaning “transit”), this alluring island is located off the coast of Tanzania and is a popular travel spot for those seeking culture, beauty and escapism all in one location.

Sunset in Zanzibar


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